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I stayed up last night until about 4:30am after having a day-long quest to try and find a new skin for my avatar. I’ve always been faithful to LeLutka, and I’ve wanted to try other skins but in the end I know I always eventually revert back to LeLutka, and so avoided trying or buying new skins for that purpose.  After this Plurk and the comments received on it, I decided that perhaps it was time to move on from the skin, especially due to the fact the lines have no SLink or Tango applier compatibility options.

This led me to spend my day whizzing from store to st0re, where I picked up more skins than I’ve bought in the past two years. I haven’t settled on a favourite at the moment, but I’m really liking this skin above, which over the next day or so will be featured over on my makeup blog FACETOFACE (people have been asking for an updated version of my makeup tutorial from 2011, so I will also be working on that/include it in the post for this skin), so keep an eye out for that.

Anyway, the above items have already been featured in one of my earlier posts, but I decided to re-wear them for the purpose of this post. Chemistry is one of my favourite hair stores in SL, and whilst not relatively new, I’ve been meaning to pick up this particular hair, Lyric, for a while. I love LeLutka’s Lana inspired ‘Gogo’ hair, but I felt it could be a little too dressy for some people, and so the above happened. Swapping Gogo for Lyric, the style moves from pinup glamour puss to casual everyday girl at the beach. Since mesh has become mainstream, people are increasingly relying on ready-to-wear pieces and losing the inspiration to mix and match pieces- myself included. We all hate the idea of clipping so much, that we disregard mixing pieces together just because of this. Sure, clipping isn’t great for being out and about on the grid, but for images, with a little photo wizardry that can be patched right up. It’s things like this that I will be attempting to do within my posts on this blog from now on.

What do you guys think? Are people becoming lazy with dressing since mesh entered onto the grid?


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