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Today’s post was conceived of my day spent dancing like an idiotic child around my living room to Taylor Swift’s album (and my personal favourite) – Red.

Through the grapevine, a store named Mutresse was brought to my attention, and so I headed on over to check out their pieces. This bustier and the ruffled leggings are by far their best creations, although their other pieces are definitely worth checking out — (they even have a rather adorable group gift up for grabs!)

The items come with an adorable HUD option that houses all of the colour and style options for each piece. The bustier is also materials ready, so expect a heightened sense of realism with that item.

I only encountered one issue with the HUD, but this may only be a personal issue- that when attempting to switch between skin or pantyhose option for the leg panel, nothing would happen. It isn’t too much of an issue, however. Some lovely combinations can be achieved my playing with the HUD- this is a feature I would like to see more of in the fashion market.

(UPDATE – 1/07/2013)

Eeky Cioc, the name behind Mutresse, contacted me last night to inform that the ‘skin’ and ‘tight’ options serve as reset buttons only, allowing mess-ups between textures to be fixed easily. There is no switch function between the two.

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Zaara Summer

BLOG POST - Zaara; Ria and Naisha SummerwearToday, Zaara Kohime of her namesake store released these beautiful, feminine coverup and bikini pieces for the summer season. What’re more exciting is that these pieces are material-ready, meaning even more beautifulness in the long run(I just invented a word there, didn’t I?)!

The items are easily affordable and well-priced, too. The bikinis sell for L$325 each, and are available in nine colours whilst the coverups come in twelve varieties and are priced at L$450 each. For the nightmarish task Zaara had making alpha layers for a sheer piece of clothing, I would have probably even paid slightly more for them!

Below are a few images of my favourite colours available to purchase. Head on down to Zaara and pick up yours now!


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I stayed up last night until about 4:30am after having a day-long quest to try and find a new skin for my avatar. I’ve always been faithful to LeLutka, and I’ve wanted to try other skins but in the end I know I always eventually revert back to LeLutka, and so avoided trying or buying new skins for that purpose.  After this Plurk and the comments received on it, I decided that perhaps it was time to move on from the skin, especially due to the fact the lines have no SLink or Tango applier compatibility options.

This led me to spend my day whizzing from store to st0re, where I picked up more skins than I’ve bought in the past two years. I haven’t settled on a favourite at the moment, but I’m really liking this skin above, which over the next day or so will be featured over on my makeup blog FACETOFACE (people have been asking for an updated version of my makeup tutorial from 2011, so I will also be working on that/include it in the post for this skin), so keep an eye out for that.

Anyway, the above items have already been featured in one of my earlier posts, but I decided to re-wear them for the purpose of this post. Chemistry is one of my favourite hair stores in SL, and whilst not relatively new, I’ve been meaning to pick up this particular hair, Lyric, for a while. I love LeLutka’s Lana inspired ‘Gogo’ hair, but I felt it could be a little too dressy for some people, and so the above happened. Swapping Gogo for Lyric, the style moves from pinup glamour puss to casual everyday girl at the beach. Since mesh has become mainstream, people are increasingly relying on ready-to-wear pieces and losing the inspiration to mix and match pieces- myself included. We all hate the idea of clipping so much, that we disregard mixing pieces together just because of this. Sure, clipping isn’t great for being out and about on the grid, but for images, with a little photo wizardry that can be patched right up. It’s things like this that I will be attempting to do within my posts on this blog from now on.

What do you guys think? Are people becoming lazy with dressing since mesh entered onto the grid?

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This outfit isn’t something I would usually wear, but I felt like doing something slightly different. I was listening to a lot of upbeat cheese last night, (ABBA included) and so when I saw this hair in EXILE, I figured it to be an awesome piece to create a ‘bubblegum pop’ look, a la British bands like The Saturdays.

When I came back from my hiatus, I was crushed upon realising pose store Glitterati was coming to an end. Katey Coppola’s poses have always been a love of mine over the years, especially her pose and prop sets. Pictured above is one such set. Simply named ‘boxy’, as it is well, boxy- this photo set comes with a wide array of lovely colours for the backdrop, along with a handful of equally adorable poses to play with. Whatever you go on to do in the future, thank you, Katey, for bringing to SL a reliable and HUGE selection of poses to the community that have fed my, and plenty others’ imaginations.

I have to apologise for the low resolution of these images, though. I have no idea what’s going on, but I’m going to try using a few other viewers and see if I can resolve the issue that way.

Hope you’re all having a lovely week!

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Well, Look Who It Is!

blog base

Well hello! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’ve hoped for many opportunities to arise throughout the year that would allow me to begin posting again, and I even went as far as publishing a comeback post for my makeup blog, FACETOFACE (my bad, sorry to get everybody’s hopes up, including my own!) which was a bust. I’d finished university for the summer, moved home for ‘looking after ten dogs’ duty whilst my family went off jet-setting around the world, but at least I had Second Life to give me something to do, right? Wrong. The internet has been that dire as of late that up until very recently a download of 107MB would take me 45 minutes to complete!

Anyway, with that aside and the internet back to working order, I can set out to resume what I had intended to do back in May with my blogs, and this post is the first of those. I don’t have the funds to blog new releases at the moment, so the things I will be posting are of outfits that I’ve put together from favourite pieces in my inventory. Of course, when something that I absolutely died and went to heaven over gets released, then I’ll probably get so tempted that I will actually end up buying it, like the three pieces from LeLutka and Mon Tissu above, but let’s not talk about that.

You all know of my love for anything LeLutka, and this hair is no exception. Whilst it doesn’t fit my alien head well without the hat (which is a separate piece), with it it is a completely different matter. The hat comes with a selection of two textures, striped and floral; and each of the textures have a few recolours to choose from. And, as you may have noticed from my Flickr, I’ve changed my hair colour from my typical blonde, which is so much more easier now that LeLutka has finally jumped onto the band wagon and included a Naturals pack for purchase, which allows for switching between blonde, brunette, ginger, black and grey as I please.

I love my outfit here- isn’t it just darling? I went for a vintage theme with a modern twist in the form of the off-shoulder oversized jumper here from Mon Tissu, and brought it back to vintage with the polka dot shorts.

What do you think of these new releases? I’d love to hear your opinions!

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Dinner For One


FaMESHed opened it’s doors once more this week, and for the first time ever I’ve been shopping for things other than female items. Odd, actually. I thought I’d have been fixated on all the beautiful female pieces and then become overly depressed at Autumn’s situation, but oddly that’s not the case! The first thing I was drawn to was this amazing suit from Kauna! I’ve been looking for a high quality mesh suit that fits my strangely petite yet broad shape, and this was it. Sadly, though, I don’t have anybody to go on a date with so I can wear this lovely item… any takers? Ladies? Gentlemen? :(


Hair; Exile, Sid in Honeycomb

Eyes; Insufferable Dastard, Gem Eyes in Dark Blue

Lashes; Al Vulo!, Mesh Lashes

Teeth; SLink, Teeth Straight Grey

Suit; Kauna @ FaMESHed, – 2pc Suit

Shoes; [monso], My Fabric Oxford

Socks; Pig, Argyle Sock M. Suspender in Zigfield

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Tea For Two – ft. Kaelyn Alecto


Today’s blog post was extremely fun to shoot. I haven’t spoken directly Kaelyn previous to today, but she’s an absolute angel. We decided to go for an outfit that’s not the norm for the season of summer, although, living in England it seems perfectly normal to wear a coat with our terrible weather as of late. Our reasoning? Why not, it’s SL. Hoorenbeek are making some lovely mesh items as of late, and Burley is definitely one of my favourite hair stores! They even convinced me to start buying longer, female styles for Clark, some of which I shall hopefully feature in future posts.

Clark Jordon Wears:

Hair; Burley, Nayuta, in Blonde 01

Trench; Hoorenbeek, Trenchcoat in Blue

Shoes; Hoorenbeek, Hugo in Brown

Glasses; Entente, Biblio Glasses

Kaelyn Alecto Wears: 

Hair; Truth, Aurora

Skin; PXL, Gaia (lt)

Eyes; IKON, Horizon Pale Verdigris

Jacket; ColdLogic, Kelley in Taupe

Jeans; Mon Tissu, Lou Lou in Light)

Heels; Elikatira, Move Pumps in Nude 

Skybox & Butterfly Pose; Baffle @ Vintage Fair